About Us

It is a mixed organic farm located at Namboote village Nsinze subcounty
Our services include
Training families,farmer groups Religious groups, in the different interprises of their choice
Eg barkyard gardening, fish farming beekeeping banana growing insect farming
We train farm workers and also connect them to those farmers that need them.
All those involved in farming know how difficult it is to find a reliable worker. It takes us five days to train them on hands on and also equip them in so many other areas including attitude, understanding your boss, the danger of eye servive,the importance of stewardship etc.
After the training we give them a certificate.
This training focuses of bringing the yout…
• Train small farmer groups, churches & organisations
• Farm management.
Many people have a deep desire to help the poor but lack the best strategy.
Here we have the desire and the strategy. We do not handout food but get to the grassroots and help individuals, women groups, youth groups and children in school.
We show them WHY FARMING is important in promoting food security and also household income.
We show them how to do it and we send our team to inspect and then we supply them with banana seedlings to cover ¼ an acre.