Visiting the 1/4 acre bananas farmers


Yesterday I toured some of the farmers we have given the 1/4 acre bananas and the results are amazing. So many of them have increased there farm to one acre and they are helping their church members grow the bananas.
The truth remains that fighting hunger requires going on the grassroots and empower the affected families. The 1/4 acre acts as a jumpstart and once these guys have tested the goodness they do more for themselves. When you go to my Facebook page you will see the live videos for my tour today.
I do not need much to jumpstart a family towards sustainable development. Only $100 can help me do that.
Actually during this Covid 19 I have many requests for people wanting the 1/4 acre banana start up.
I need help now to help these 65 families
Any gift towards this urgent need is highly appreciated
A tax deductible gift can be sent to
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